Fuzhou Zelin Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a modern food enterprise integrating jellyfish fishing, production and processing, product marketing and biotechnology research and development from sea to dining table.

Minyang successively We have developed more than 100 kinds of ready-to-eat and salted jellyfish products, taking the lead in overturning the 1700-year-old innovative eating method of jellyfish: dishes such as chafing dish, sashimi, salad, etc. are ahead of the industry.

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Our jellyfish is ready to eat when opened, sealed and compact, convenient to carry and does not occupy space. The key is that it is not easy to be hungry even if it is delicious. If you eat it together, hunger will disappear!
Serve in 5 minutes, easy to make, ready to mix, very convenient!
Our jellyfish has good taste, fast serving, multiple tastes, multiple meals, satisfying people with different tastes, and can control the cost!
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Address: 6# Factory Building, No. 18, Tieling West Road, Gansu Street, Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Tel:0591-22989089 Fax:0591-22987369 E-mail: service@my-jellyfish.cn
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