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Fuzhou Zelin Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a modern food enterprise integrating jellyfish fishing, production and processing, product marketing and biotechnology research and development from sea to dining table.

Minyang successively We have developed more than 100 kinds of ready-to-eat and salted jellyfish products, taking the lead in overturning the 1700-year-old innovative eating method of jellyfish: dishes such as chafing dish, sashimi, salad, etc. are ahead of the industry. We have successively won honors such as "China's First Youth Games Licensed Producer", "Fresh Fujian Tourism Good Commodities", "Fujian Top Ten Best Selling Gifts", "China's Excellent Catering Supplier" and "China's 30-Year Excellent Catering Partner". Minyang Jellyfish serves tens of thousands of customers such as Yonghui Supermarket, Shan Mu Member Store, Xinhuadu, Boxed Horse Fresh Life, Jingdong, Shangri-La Hotel, etc.

In the future, Minyang will continue to take ingenuity in manufacturing as the foundation, take it as their own duty to provide healthy food for mankind, deeply integrate the global jellyfish ecological chain, carry out the reform of the national supply-side structure, and join hands with the China Cuisine Association, Fujian Cuisine Association and domestic and foreign partners to promote the Chinese millennium healthy diet culture to the whole world to realize the Fujian and foreign dreams and the Chinese dream!

Focus on wild jellyfish for 27 years and bring precious natural ingredients from the sea back to your table.

"Minyang" Strictly Implements Food Safety Management System

After 27 years of dealing with jellyfish,

Only then can we truly understand that concentration and persistence are to fulfill our commitment to the cause.

Jellyfish is a beautiful marine creature from ancient times.

Can be made into a variety of dishes, delicious food.

Can be fed and used as medicine, and is rich in nutrition.

As early as 1700 years ago, the Jin Dynasty had a history of eating jellyfish.

Since 1992, we have been focusing on jellyfish business.

Because we know that this is the foundation of a long-term career.

But we never expected it would be so hard to focus on one product.

Wild jellyfish have high requirements for water quality.

In order to find the best quality wild jellyfish,

Every year, we fly all over the world to inspect high-quality sea areas.

For others, jellyfish may be just one of many products.

For us, jellyfish is a precious gift from nature to mankind.

It is a business worth a lifetime.

Mother, has taught us to regard integrity as our creed;

Jellyfish Princess has taught us to turn business into faith.

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